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Think of me as the one person who knows what it’s like to have severe anxiety and depression.  I experienced them for over half my life.


I understand how devastating they can be; jobs have to be given up, relationships break down and lives change beyond all recognition. These can be scary times.

The work I do changes lives. I write books, blogs, programs, run live webinars and real events. This is to raise awareness and help you understand how to beat depression and anxiety.

I have seen peer-to-peer support help people recover faster more than any other method.

There’s nothing like a knowing “nod”, a little smile of encouragement or a virtual hug to make us feel better. I know how you feel, I accept you no matter what and I encourage you to recover.


Join me and start your journey on helping yourself beat depression and anxiety.


Contact Me

For all media enquiries contact my agent:

Fiona Lindsay

Limelight Management

T: +44 (0)20 7384 9950


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Book Reviews

"Ms Massey has obviously "been there and got the t-shirt", but has overcome this to become one of the most successful authors on this subject. Having myself suffered for many years, i found some real breakthrough advice in this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from the "black dog"

I Watkins

"Alexandra gives hope to those trying to beat depression and her common-sense tangible suggestions could make a difference to many people's lives"

Marjorie Wallace, Chief Executive SANE


Book Reviews

Feedback on Beat Depression and Reclaim Your Life

 "I just wanted to let you know what an amazing impact your book "Beat Depression and Reclaim Your Life" has had on me. I’m currently nearly 19 years old and back in 2013 I was diagnosed with anxiety and light depression. To cut a long story short I saw 3 counsellors but it was your book that truly kickstarted my recovery back in 2014.


Recently I have moved from the countryside to the city to study at the art college of my dreams but the move itself triggered a depression in me unlike any other I had ever experienced - i lost my motivation, my appetite, my sense of being, and generally almost my entire self..I couldn’t even bring myself to text my old counsellor! But then one day I saw your book lying on the shelf and thought "that REALLY helped me before...let’s try again..." And I can say I'm only on page 64 and already i'm eating properly again and I've gained back so much of my once lost personality and motivation.


I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write this book, and let you know that its serving as a real help for me and I’m sure many other people"


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